Welcome to the Biography of Theresa Moriarty. Since I consider any visitor of my website to be an instant friend, you can call me T-Mo, T, TT, or even Hey, you!

I talk, a LOT. But like Anne of Green Gables, you will soon find yourself endeared to me forever. Allow me to give you some context for any of the emotions you may be feeling while perusing this page.

My acting journey began at the tender age of 8, although my parents say I was dramatic since birth (give me a break, I was a baby). And yet here I am! My first roles included skits on Saturday Night Live and Conan O’Brien, where I “coached” Conan on being a cool teen. Sherie Oterie was playing with my hair when I was like, 10 and I laughed and laughed, then someone paid me for that, so now, when people ask “why are you an actor?” My response is a lot like, “what ELSE would I be?!” Paid to play!

After graduating from Manhattan College with a BA in English Literature and Art History (Go Jaspers!) I decided to take acting seriously and make it my career. I headed to the Susan Batson Studio, having the privilege of studying under Susan herself. This was the most difficult, yet most rewarding work I’ve ever done, and in culmination of my training, I starred in a one-woman show playing the iconic Elizabeth Taylor. Not to make you cry, but this is when I found out what being an actor means to me, and the type of work I want to share with the world.

I’ll give you a moment to collect yourself after that revelation. In the meantime, I’ll casually mention that I’ve studied heightened language techniques with Patsy Rodenburg of The Guildhall in London and Improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City. Just sayin’.

Sometimes people take my photograph wearing fashion designs and I’ve been on TV and in some movies, thanks to years of professional acting training and an unbreakable spirit. Hire me?! YES?! Awesome!

Are you wondering what’s next? Honestly, so am I! I reside in New York City, working in Voiceover, TV, Film, and as a model. I love to travel, collect coats, and am the owner of the cutest Pomeranian in America. If you have any questions about my coats, would like to pet Cleopatra, or for booking inquiries, and a professional bio or resume- head to the contact page!